NFT auction error

Hello everyone
I discovered a small error about the NFT auction in Pilgrim.

I try to swap PIL → ETH

It’s price ~ $340, but the value of NFT is

I think NFTs auction rules should be changed to match the actual value
Thanks for reading the post. If you have an explanation, let me know

Hi ItsBacVit.
Thank you for your error report.
However, I want to tell you this is not an error and it is designed like that deliberately.
Pilgrim Protocol gives users atomic valuation opportunity. NFTs in pilgrim are properly valued reflecting demand in real time. Bid metaNFT and Bid NFT minimum price is determined by present round price.
So in case of the pictures you uploaded, that’s the good time for round traders to purchase the rounds cause the NFT in that picture is underestimated now.
Please refer to this medium link for better understanding :slight_smile:
Join the Pilgrimage — a journey to the new age of NFT 2.0 | by Pilgrim Protocol :pill: | Pilgrim Protocol | Medium

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Thanks, Ben. This is your chance to buy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: